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Our Suppliers

The suppliers and manufacturers we choose to work with are carefully selected. Every detail that goes into making Asskicker Ink. products matters to us—and we hope it shows. 


Our super-comfy flowy tank tops, tee shirts, baseball shirts and lightweight hoodies are manufactured by Bella+Canvas—where it's all about quality. Starting at the thread level, they design the composition of each knit to make sure it will become the best feeling and fitting shirt you'll ever wear. 

  • Not made in sweatshops
  • W.R.A.P. Certified
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Retail Quality



Sugarbomb is owned and run by Ann and Caitlin (aka Hoser and Dusty) who are super proud to be growing their small Toronto screen printing business. They started out making armbands for their roller derby teams out of Caitlin's kitchen with just a vinyl cutter and a heat press. Sugarbomb has now become so much more since then! It's still just the two of them, but now they work out of their awesome studio in the Junction area and have added lots more to their arsenal including a 6 color screen printing machine.

They sincerely love what the do and it shows—which is partly why we love working with them.


At Momentum, their goal is to create and produce the highest quality, hand-crafted, inspirational athletic jewelry around!  They make everything in the USA and pride theirselves on the care they take with each piece.  

When founder Amy Chochrane was in the middle of her favorite gym class—stuck in a plank that just wouldn't end—searching for anything to look at to take her mind off of how awful planks are, her eyes fell on her poor, naked wrists. That's when she knew... she needed to find a way to put what drives her to challenge herself in a place where she can always see it when she needs it!

It was then that she combined her more than 20 years of jewelry making experience with her love of being healthy and her need to spread a message of encouragement and positivity. She wanted to create quality products, made with love in the USA, designed to empower as many people as possible in a way that truly speaks to them.

Over the years they've grown from more than just a workout-friendly jewelry company that offers motivational sayings to people looking to be inspired. As their products have expanded from their signature wraps and Foot Notes to necklaces and cuffs, and now our popular SPARKlets, they've watched a whole community of people from a variety of backgrounds grow and tackle their greatest achievements with the help of jewelry created just for them.

Vero Brava

Veronica Shogren founded Vero Brava when every headband she owned would slip off her head in the middle of her workouts and she got so frustrated she decided to make her own.

Vero Brava was born and every product they sell is meticulously handmade and designed for individuals who care about style, quality and function. their headbands are guaranteed not to slip off your head and will absolutely make you look fabulous.

She originally started selling on Etsy and in a short period of time, her headbands were so popular she decided to expand to other sales channels in order to offer better bands to as many people as they could reach. We currently sell online and to select high end retail boutiques, yoga studios, pro shops, gyms and other fine establishments. 


Sewciopath is a Canadian company owned and operated by Amanda aka Sewciopath from the Thames Fatales of the Forest City Derby Girls. Specializing in customized roller derby accessories, they make everything from armbands to zebra pants—and leggings for every body type.