Roller Derby Training Club

Ever feel like you've plateaued in your derby game?

Maybe you keep hearing everyone talk about cross training but you have no idea where to start or how the heck to fit it into your already busy life. 

What if it isn't as complicated as you think? You can see massive gains in your strength, stability and speed on the track with a few simple moves done a few times per week... and you get to work out with me, the one and only Annie Asskicker, lol!

When you join Roller Derby Training Club, you'll get sport specific online training programs sent right to your phone via our NEW TRAINING APP with no contracts or additional fees to join. You can cancel any time :-) 

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 Only $10/month or $98/year* USD
or join for a year and save 20% 

  • 3 Workouts per week
  • Members Only Facebook Group with weekly FB LIVE Q&A sessions
  • Benchmark Tracking Accountability
  • REAL Results
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