Trampoline Class

DATE: Friday, April 22, 2022
TIME: 7:00-8:00 pm
LOCATION: Barrie, Ontario
AGE: for women aged 19 and up

Vertical Zone Trampoline Club
361 King Street, Unit #7
Barrie, ON L4N 6B5

  • Trampoline Instruction with Certified Trampoline Coaches (1:10 ratio)
  • 7,000 Square foot facility & 8 Full sized competitive trampolines, air bag, foam pit, cargo net and “castle”!
  • 1 hour in the gymnasium with certified coach(es)
. . .

ADVENTURE: There is a thrill seeker in all of us. The feeling of flying through the air is exhilarating, exciting and let’s face it, plain old fun. We believe that when people are having fun, they are more likely to learn, develop and grow. At its foundation, trampoline is a fun sport and makes it a unique activity for the adventure seeker in all of us.

VERTICAL ZONE'S VISION: We provide quality athletic programs for children and adults. We aim to raise self-esteem and teach athletes perseverance and focus while having fun! Vertical Zone provides a safe and fun environment both inside the gymnasium and in our party room. A Group Booking at Vertical Zone will be a memorable experience for everyone involved!

Located in a 7,000 square foot facility, Vertical Zone offers fantastic jumping and viewing environments. Our gymnasium has 8 full-sized Olympic Trampolines, Double-mini trampoline, foam pit, airbag, cargo net, swing rope and “play” house.

Please note that we adhere to a strict no refund policy for event registrations but registrations may be transferred to another participant any time before this event.