May 28, 2021

How do you know if you're training properly?

By Strength Coach Shawn Charlebois

I get a lot of questions about programming. Almost weekly, there are 3-5 private messages asking about my opinion on what the best approaches and methods are. I usually respond with a generic response: try to find a method that focuses on better movement quality and control while improving your strength and heart & lung capacity. Of course it also helps, if you don't despise what you're doing.

The reality is, when it comes to the best methods, the answers are uniquely individual. Not everyone has the same lifestyle, skill level, availability of equipment and goal. So based on that, how do you know if you're training properly?

Keep it simple and remember the 4 S's

No matter what, your routine or "program" should be:

  1. SUFFICIENT: To meet the need. Just enough stimulus to allow your body to adapt. You want to be sufficiently worked and nothing more...
  2. SUSTAINABLE: To maintain your level of effort without compromising your inner resources or future self. This means not getting sick or injured in the training process. You must allot for adequate recovery time.
  3. SMART: An intelligent plan of action NOT random exercises with no direction. Is your current program enabling greater skill development, better movement or body composition improvement? Most importantly, you want to avoid being a...
  4. SLAVE: The 4th S is about perspective. Be sure not to be shackled by your program. You want the ability to be flexible and listen to your body when it's speaking to you. Yes hard work, consistency and frequency is important to accomplish a goal - BUT - always keep a healthy mindset regarding exercise and movement.

It helps by thinking LONG TERM and making small deposits into your HEALTH & STRENGTH account.

If you're looking for a structured and well thought out program, my Online Kettlebell Club may be for you. Follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Youtube.




Guest Blog Author: Shawn Charlebois is a former Corrections Officer and now Strength Coach and Studio owner in Barrie Ontario, Canada. He's helped hundreds of clients get stronger, move better and improve their conditioning. Shawn has written two books: The Strength Solution Method - A Gimmick - Free Approach To An Empowered Life  and  IMPACT - An Intuitive Approach To Strength & Conditioning.

CLICK HERE for more information about Shawn including a link to download The Strength Solution Method, his first book for FREE (for a limited time).


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